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Talent Acquisition

It's imperative that the business has an applicant pool to recruit and source from and once the candidate is selected, it's just as important that there is a flawless onboarding and assimilation to the business. People want to feel connected to their work, the environment and to those they spend their day. Help them get ramped up quickly to keep them for the long term.

  • Job Analysis

  • Selection Process

  • Interview Templates

  • Job Description Creation

  • Talent Sourcing

  • Screening and Selection

  • Onboarding

  • New Leader Assimilation

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Attract Talented Candidates
and Hire The Right People

To truly grow your business, you must have an applicant pool with qualified candidates to interview and hire from. Equally important is what happens after your interviews have been completed and you've made a hire. Work with ASC to create a talent acquisition process and strategy that fits your business and positions you for success.

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