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Growing & Running Your Business Is Hard Enough. Your HR Strategy Shouldn't Weigh You Down, Too.

HR Strategic Planning

Organizations work hard to develop short and long term strategic goals but do those goals filter to the HR department?

Learning & Development

Enhance the skills, competencies, abilities and knowledge of your workforce with ongoing training & development.

Total Rewards

Design & implement a compensation system and benefit offerings that will attract and retain great employees.

Talent Acquisition

It's necessary to have a pool to recruit candidates from, and it's just as important that there is a flawless onboarding system in place.

Engagement & Retention

Retaining your employees starts with appropriate work performance expectations and continues on with proper training.


Compliance can be overlooked because it's usually not a problem until it becomes one. Le's review your plans & ensure compliances.

Employee Relations

Resolving workplace disputes quickly is a great start to a lasting relationship at work.

Workforce Management & Organizational Design

Create a plan to ensure you have the right team in place (and how to keep them!).

Professional Speaking

Work with Jackie to create a presentation for your team, non-profit board, or membership on the topic of Human Resources.

Everything DISC

Create impactful leaders through the process of Vision, Alignment, and Execution.

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